13 December 2009

Penang... again

I wanted to have a break for holiday, but things does not go well, so I have nothing to do in this holiday. Maybe I can just eat and sleep. Well, yesterday night I went to Restoran Tunas which is located at Paya Terubong. Look at this restaurant!!! You know what? The whole shop are decorated with Manchester United pics and merchandise. WOW!

This is a great place for MU supporter where you can watch the heroes play live on a big projector screen. I went there with my uncle and my bro. The place look not so crowded as we arrived there because Chelsea is playing by that time. Man Utd playing late at night. 3-3 Chelsea draw against Everton. Sadly MU lose to Aston Villa...wtf! >.<

I had ordered 2 Roti Telur and a cup of Teh Ais. Enjoyed while watching the football match.

And before I came to eat, I stop by the roadside to take some photos of giant Kuan Yin statue from the Kek Lok Si Temple. The lightings are bright.

Then just this morning, I went breakfast near Tanjung Bungah hillside. What you see is you think is funny, and is available. Roti Babi? Very cheap neh...although I didn't order it.

Well, that's all for now... More explorations soon!!! ^_^

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