11 December 2009

New semester is coming soon!!

3 weeks left, the time will come for my new challenges ahead. In 3 weeks, I will be starting a new semester. Now my uncle's shop does not have any customer. I hardly see all those people walking past our shop as our neighbourhood restaurants are quite popular than us. Is there any suggestions for making our restaurant improved?

I hardly think of an idea about how to modify the concept of this restaurant. I just started work few days ago. Nah! Before that, I already helped my uncle quite few times already. I was an experienced waiter when I was working in Uno Cafe. The tips I get is quite higher than expected. I rarely earn from an Australian who gave me RM3 tips. It's quite like giving a $1 Aussie. My uncle said there is a job where you can become a professional waiter which gives higher pay around 5k. I was surprised by that time he told me that. 5k? But to become a waiter you must be more alert and energetic. Politely speaking and caring waiter will get to earn more than what the employer gives salary, which is tips from customers. When I was in Bangkok, where you go there will be always a waiter or waitress comes to take order, serve food, refill drinks and so on. By the time we pay our bills, the waiter or waitress who serve for the table is well deserved to earn tips because they give great service and take good care for customers. I did not expect Lung Wit give 100 Baht for the waiter. WOW! That is equals to RM10 in Malaysia. That's called high pay.

By the way, I have played Left 4 Dead 2, which releases last month. The gameplay is quite amazing, graphics are high for me as my lappy can't support high performance display, so it was a bit laggy for me to aim the zombies. LOL! Quite scary if you are playing alone. You will need some friends to play with, then it will be more fantastic to play. New weapons, new zombie characters, new survivors and new maps, all are amazing. Blood pour everywhere when you shoots, ewww!!! Yucks!

That's all folks. Let's enjoy holiday for a while. See ya! ^_^

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