01 November 2009

First day of Long Semester Break @ 31/10/09

7.30am - Woke up and get ready to go Butterworth

8.30am - Depart from house to Sunshine Farlim buy vegetables with my uncle

9.00am - Phone rings~~ "Hey!! WHERE ARE YOU!!? Not reached jetty yet?!!" Here goes my mum... I'm late! OH no! Once my uncle finished buying vegetables, he rushed to bring me to ferry with shortest route to jetty.

9.20am - I'm gonna catch up with the ferry... What the heck? A ferry with all cars? By that time I believe when the car loaded ferry goes then passenger ferry will come.

9.40am - Time passes by very fast. I'm gonna be late for my competition. After 20 minutes the passenger ferry still not in my sight. I get pissed and angry that I wanted to get explanation from the ferry workers. Damn!

9.50am - After a long wait, finally a ferry has come. I get in the ferry and sit down and relax and have a drink. Penang bridge too far away as my phone camera does not have high quality pictures.

10.00am - Yeah... reached Butterworth! I ran as fast as I could to catch up with my parents and my brother who was waiting me for a long time. I'm gonna be late for bowling competition. Rush rush...

10.10am - Reached the destination. Mr. Organiser asking me why I came late. I had to say I waited ferry for long time to come and pick me up. LOL! I'm relieved to get to join the competition since I was late.

10.30am - The game has started.

3.00pm - After 9 games, I was the last person out of 6 compete in Under 21 category. OMG?! How can this happen? By that time I really don't know what is my position. 10th and final game has started and I managed to fire a 200 pinfalls. COOL! I managed to climb from last to 4th position. I'm quite satisfied of my play but the luck for striking is not on my side as I rolled 1-3 pocket a lot.

4.00pm - Tired. Going back Penang island to buy birthday cake for my dad. YEAH! Halloween day. But surprisingly, I'm not scared at all. LOL!

5.30pm - Reached grandma's house. Tired and bored. I go to bed and take a nap for a while.

7.00pm - Having family dinner together.

8.00pm - Let's blow the cake. Woohoo! Blueberry cheese with chocolate. Happy birthday dad.

9.30pm - Depart from Penang back to hometown. Sleep!

Today is quite bored but I still can have a good day. Next I plan to go holiday with friends. Who can agree? LOL... Blog next time. Take care.

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