16 November 2009

6 Interesting Facts to Know about Las Vegas Hotels

Some interesting facts about Las Vegas Hotels are that El Rancho Vegas was the first hotel to open, the International Hotel accompanied the flourishing of the hotel culture, bigger hotels opened over the years, Vegas has many luxury hotels and budget hotels, many of the major hotels have a specific theme, and the Vegas Strip generates over a billion dollars every year.

Aside from being the home of some of the most dazzling casinos and entertainment centers in the world, Las Vegas also prides itself on its vast collection of hotels. There is probably an accommodation that can cater to the needs of just about any Las Vegas visitor. Guests who want to experience the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas scene can choose to check into a selection of Las Vegas Luxury Hotels, while people who are more budget-conscious about their lodging options can also choose from a number of cheaper accommodations. Here are some more interesting facts that you should know about Las Vegas hotels:

El Rancho Vegas was the first hotel to open

The first casino to open in Las Vegas was the Pair-o-Dice club. It was established in 1931. It was not until a decade later that the first hotel opened on the world-renowned Vegas Strip; it was called El Rancho Vegas. Eventually other hotel establishments, such as the Hotel Last Frontier and the Flamingo, followed.

The International Hotel accompanied the flourishing of the hotel culture

The International Hotel became testament to the flourishing hotel culture of Las Vegas. It opened in 1969 and became the biggest hotel in the whole world at that time with more than 1,500 rooms. The International Hotel was also considered the first mega resort to open in Las Vegas.

Bigger hotels opened over the years

In 1973, Kirk Kerkorian established the first MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, which had 2,084 rooms, beating the International Hotel. The Mirage was later built in 1989. It was equipped with multiple entertainment centers, dining halls and a spectacular casino making it the largest mega resort at that time.

Vegas has many luxury hotels and budget hotels

Some of the most famous hotels lining the Vegas Strip are the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Caesar’s Palace, Paris, New York New York, the Wynn and Venetian. Downtown Las Vegas also boasts of hotels like Gold Nugget, El Cortez and Fremont. For more budget-conscious tourists, budget hotels like the Tropicana Inn, Sahara Westwood Hotel and the Knights Inn are available. Whichever accommodation guests choose, they can be sure to find distinctive hotel features and facilities ranging from restaurants to concert halls to nightclubs to golf courses and even museums.

Many of the major hotels have a specific theme

One of the exciting features of the major Las Vegas hotels is that they have a specific theme. New York New York, for instance, recreates its namesake city in its d├ęcor. It even has its own replica of the Statue of Liberty standing outside the establishment.

The Vegas Strip generates over a billion dollars every year

The 4.1-mile stretch of the Vegas Strip is located in the middle of Russell Road and Sahara Avenue. This area is technically considered a part of Las Vegas Boulevard South. The Vegas Strip is one of the biggest contributors to the Las Vegas economy, generating over a billion dollars every year with its hotel, entertainment and gambling fees.

Las Vegas hotels are very much entrenched in the culture and history of Las Vegas, and these establishments have helped make Las Vegas what it is today.

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