26 November 2009

4 Important Things to Prepare Before Applying for a Business Loan

Before applying for a business loan, you should prepare a comprehensive business plan with the necessary financial statements, your credit records and tax returns, a clear budget allocation, and an account of your collateral capacity.

If you are planning to venture into the playing field of business you should make sure that you have sufficient funds for investing. Start up costs in businesses can be high, and every entrepreneur should know what funding options there are available. Banks and government agencies are among the most common and reliable sources of funds for business. They can provide you with business loans which you can use for your enterprise. In order for one to acquire business loans perth, certain preparations should be made for the application procedure. Here are some of the essential things to prepare before applying for a business loan.

Comprehensive business plan with the necessary financial statements

Business plans are essential for every enterprise, and the lender might require you to develop one to objectively show that your business proposal is feasible. Think of your business plan as a job application letter where you will need to convince the lender that you are credible and that you know what you are doing. The business plan should be comprehensive, and used to present your understanding of the business and your expertise in the field you are about to venture into. Business plans typically have an executive summary, a detailed description of what the business is about, analysis of the industry, market and competition and what strategies you are planning to implement. The business plan should also include the necessary financial statements that reflect cash flow projections. This will help you establish that your business is lucrative, and that you will be able to repay the business loan with the enterprise’s future income.

Your credit records and tax returns

Financial institutions that lend money will want to know what kind of persons they are dealing with, hence personal financial records are common requirements in loan applications. Lenders typically examine the applicant’s credit history so prepare copies of your credit records, as well as your tax returns beforehand.

A clear budget allocation

As with the business plan, you will need to show to lenders that you have a clear purpose in mind for the funds they are going to lend to you. You might want to come up with a clear budget allocation with a detailed account of where you are going to spend the funds. You could include projects, equipment and supplies that you are going to use for the business. Research and estimate the costs involved for these account items and the projected returns of the projects.

An account of your collateral capacity

Lenders want to know that you have assets which you can use as collateral to support the loan. Determine what properties, equipment and other tangible goods and assets you have and their current value. All these are basic requirements for securing the loan and, at the same time, you will be able to determine how financially capable you really are.

The application process for business loans is a determining factor for achieving the funds you need. It is very important that you are ready and able to deliver what it is required of you.

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