19 November 2009

3rd week of Semester Break

Oh yeah...! Now is the third week of the semester break. The results is out but I don't know what is my results yet. I can't go Penang because of transportation issues. So anyway I will wait for the results to be mailed sooner or later by next week.

About bowling, what a week for me when I bowled average of 200 and above every time. That's the first for me since I last bowled badly for the last couple of years. Now I am feeling confident that I can step up the challenge against the toughest bowlers around me, even my brother too. For the first time ever I bowled an MQ of average 210+. I feel satisfied with the score. I only just concentrate and focus and stay cool. Just like Troll Warlord from DotA said, "COOL! STAY COOL!" Anyway I love striking in rows. This quite pressures me when I strike 6 and above. Everyone wants to see how a bowler can managed to have 12 strikes in a row in a game, a perfect game that can never forget in his or her life. I wish I can have one, sooner or later. I had came that close to achieve my long time dream of having a first perfect game of my bowling years. I just only need to keep focusing and concentrating, that's all the mental challenge I have to face in order to maintaining my scores.

Just celebrated my mum's birthday. Happy Birthday mum. Stay healthy and be happy always. Love you too! Sadly when I see my own blog many of you guys just reading and never comment something on my post. No reactions, feelings, replies, just read and run. Please give comments on how I write and how do you guys feel. Thanks and happy holidays. By the way, good luck for the students who are currently taking SPM examinations.

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