17 October 2009

What a week...

Hey... I just finished the week which is pressures me the most. Assignments and reports. I got lucky to finish the job in time. At last I now can relax a bit, but still have to start studying from this week onwards... 6 subjects to be taken... cannot take it lightly already... I don't know why I am feeling lazy these days. Why? I have no idea really. Just went out to watch "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs". Nice movie and also quite funny. Whoo!! It's been a while since I missed watching Transformer 2 movie. Money wise? I went J.Co donuts to buy donuts. Whoa...! Damn cheaper than Dunkin' Donuts, but Big Apple I forget the pricing already. The donuts are soft and delicious compared to Dunkin's. Long time ago my dad likes to buy donuts when on the way back from KL.
So erm... I have nothing to blog right now. I will be keep updating my blog after I finish my final exam. Take care.

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