25 October 2009

Torture Week - Semester 2 Final Exam

Hey~~~ Why am I still online? Because I'm having a break from studying. Of course I'm tired since I had already studied for few hours. 6 subjects are too suffering to me. By now, I had refreshed back CSC1180 subject, which is computer system and programming subject. Somehow I managed to understand about the subjects that I have read through. I might fear of stepping into the exam hall and then forget something important which is useful in answering the questions, for example: keywords, formulas, coding etc. Why? I don't know... maybe I think too much? I had wasted a lot of time understand and how can I forget all these when in the middle of exam. I had been like this quite frequently. Compared to the geniuses, I am the worse. Why made me forget something that I have read previously? Come on, no joking here. I must get my understanding solidly stay in my mind and not to forget easily. I am not satisfied when something is forgotten. What the heck is going on by now? Keep bragging.... then lose focus... then keep yawning... HELP!!!

For those who are taking exam in this period, I would like to wish all of you guys all the best. See you next semester. I will be keep blogging after my semester final exam has come to an end. Tata... ^_^

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