20 October 2009

Exam is coming fast... and furious

This is it... the Michael Jackson movie only show for 2 weeks. WHAT?!! Only 2 weeks...? Man I will miss this movie. Although I love to listen his songs, yeah I'm a fan of MJ too. Lalalala... but wait a minute, I did not see it coming. Here comes the exam... NOOOO!!!

Nothing is gonna stop the exam from coming. Why exam? I'm sick of these... So do everyone, but not just only me. Why must take exam? Who is the creator of this examination? Who is the person behind this? If I could turn the clock back in time, then I will vanish all the exam. MUAHAHA!!! I'm now getting damn crazy for now. Study and learn should be enough, but why wanna take exam just only sit on the table writing a piece of blank paper for few hours? "The exam is torturing!!" according to a friend. "Hell yeah I got low marks... thanks to the **** teacher... I'm gonna get this guy!" not from my comments either.. LOL! Anyway, good luck in your exams to my buddies and have a nice long semester break after the exam. Tata..!

1 comment:

  1. ya i agree~
    i'm facing the SPM in one month's time, and i haven't start preparing yet, haha~