30 October 2009

The End of Semester 2

Finally.. after 5 days of torture, semester break is here. COOL! But there is one thing I am not happy for, that is my EE1. I done terribly worse because of forgetting some formula for calculating inductance and capacitance. WHY? I just only need 35 of the full marks given to be able to pass this subject. Fearing that I might fail this subject, I hope that Ms. Adele can give me pass. Now I feel more relaxed and hell yeah!! Tomorrow Piala Remaja Milo Ranking Masters 9th Leg. I did not prepared to compete because I just finished my examinations. This will be the starting of SUKMA training I guess. Not just that, I also hope I can perform well in World Junior All-Stars in KL in December. Here is the donut I eat... but paid to share with friends. LOL!

So that it... Let's enjoy holidays...!!!

I will be blog again... Goodbye... See you next semester...

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