09 October 2009

7 Unique Logo Inspired Business Giveaways Your Clients Will Love

Some of the unique corporate giveaways you can give your guests during promotional and other important events include decals, compact calculators, computer brushes, bag tags, Post-It note pads, toiletry kits or travel organizers, and caps.

There are many things that affect the giveaways you give out to your clients, but the most important of all are your budget and the impact it gives to your clients.  It is important that you impart a sense of uniqueness to your giveaways that is within your budget and one that leaves a good impression for your company.  Here are some of the unique yet practical logo gifts your clients will surely love:


Remember that giveways do not only serve the purpose of thanking your clients and business partners, like your suppliers.  They also serve as means to strengthen relationships you've built, as well as to give better exposure of your company or brand.  If you want to give out something that gives you greater publicity and at the same is time friendly with your budget, go for logo-themed decals, especially car decals.  Cars are mobile and decals posted on them can be seen by many,making them great advertising means.  You can order decals for as low as $0.10 to as much as $2.00 only, depending on your design.

Compact calculators

Calculators are your clients' great buddies, especially if you are in the field of banking or finance.  Your customers would love to receive a calculator, especially a compact calculator they can put in their pockets or purses and carry around wherever they go.  You can imprint your logo on the topmost part of the calculator or at the cover if you choose a folding type.

Computer brushes

When the use of desktop and laptop computers have become widespread and has reached the households and individuals, mouse pads have become a popular corporate giveaway.  By now, people are getting tired of receiving the same giveaway.  A new and unique gift item has come out of the market to help care for the monitors and keyboards of your computers.  This is the computer brush.  It is an interesting and very useful gift you can give your clients, who, for sure, all have computers at home and in the office.  You can print your logo on this small item that usually costs you $2.50-$4.00 per brush, depending on the quantity of your orders and the number of colors in your logo.

Bag tags

Another unique business gift idea is to give out bag tags.  You can use one side of it for your business logo and the other face would be the space for the information of your client.  This is especially useful if you are in an industry that relates to or requires much traveling, such as an airline company, travel agency, hotel, resort, casino, and theme park.  Not only will this bag tag serve well for your clients; it also lets them carry your brand wherever they go, benefiting you with added publicity.

Post-It note pads

Many companies have given out note pads and maybe you have joined the fad, too.  Why not give it a unique twist and try giving Post-it note pads, instead?  It makes a very practical giveaway as almost everybody uses Post-its, whether for reminders at home, tasks in the office, and notes in school.  You can print your logo on top and choose a brand-aligned color for your note pad. For example, if your logo has orange background and blue print, you can find an orange Post-it note pad and have it printed with your blue logo design.

Toiletry kits or travel organizers

You may have seen or tried some bags, coin purses, and pouches.  Now, go for toiletry kits or travel organizers with your logo printed at its front for more unique giveaways.  These are perfect for lady cosmetic or toiletry brands, but are equally great for men's brands, such as perfumes, toiletries, and even men's apparel. They are also great for household brands and even companies that relate to traveling.


Caps may sound a little sporty for business events, but everyone gets to use it one way or another, whether for collection or use on sunny days.  You can have these caps printed with your logo in front or at the back or on both sides.  Giving out caps will not only delight your guests; it will also help in advertising your brand and company if they wear it in public.

When planning for promotional items and giveaways for your business, always remember that you do it to express gratitude to your loyal clients and business partners.  If you please them with the uniqueness and usefulness of your gifts, you are further promoting your good image.  Furthermore, these items could also serve as mobile advertisements as your clients use them in public.  It is then very important to make sure they are simple yet attractive and practical.

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