01 October 2009

6 Good Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Credit Cards

Your business should accept credit cards because it gives consumers a convenient way of paying, encourages impulse purchases, improves business cash flow, provides security, attracts international customers, and it also lets your business cater large orders.

E very business owners want to succeed even with the rise of tough competitors in the global market. They have been trying new strategies just to keep their business and their profit flowing continuously. A very productive strategy which has been adapted by many is the acceptance of credit cards as payments from their customers. It had been an effective business booster and if you think your business is slow, this might be what you’re looking for. Here are the reasons why your business should also adapt this strategy:

Gives consumers a convenient way of paying

Nowadays, consumers use their credit cards in purchasing various items and services. They find it rather very convenient carrying credit cards than carrying cash or checks with them. So if your accept credit cards, you are being flexible to your customers’ needs and you have given them another agreeable option for their payments.

Encourages impulse purchases

As you give your customers a more flexible way of payment, you should also anticipate that your business would likely attract more and all sorts of customers including “impulse buyers”. They are the ones who would instantly buy whatever they want no matter how it costs without any second thoughts. By accepting credit cards, you won’t pass the chance of instant transaction and fast profit.

Improves business cash flow

By accepting card payments, you will notice an improvement in your cash flow. This is because consumers buy more when using their credit cards. Another reason is that credit card payments are also processed more quickly and funds are transferred faster than with checks. You will receive your funds as quickly as one working day or up to a week, though it varies greatly on whatever merchant account you applied.

Provides security

You won’t have to worry anymore about theft because you’ll be holding less cash when you start to process credit card payments. All transactions are made electronically and funds are transferred from one bank to another. This will provide a certain level of security to you and your customers.

Attracts international customers

Credit cards are used worldwide and when you start accepting them, you will also be inviting international customers to purchase in your store. Currency conversions are done automatically so any transactions made are done almost instantly.

Caters large orders

People paying with credit cards tend to purchase more than someone who pays only by cash or check. If you cater customers with large orders, it practically means you are also receiving huge amounts of profits.

Though accepting credit cards costs a small fortune just to maintain it, but still, it would be very beneficial to your business if you adapt it. Never count the cost you’ve spent because its benefits outweighs more than what you’ve lost.

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