06 October 2009

3 Helpful Tips on Finding a Trusted Mover for a Convenient Moving Experience

Finding a trusted mover is not an easy task.  To make sure the mover you choose is reliable enough to care for your belongings, solicit advices from people who have had experience with movers; surf the Internet and go over mover reviews; and talk to at least three moving companies in your area and compare them

Moving to another place can be very exciting yet difficult, especially when finding a trusted mover to transport your things safely and damage-free.  But how can you really find a reliable mover to do this for you? Here are some helpful things you can do:

Solicit advices from people who have had experience with movers

One of the best ways to find a reliable mover is to seek advice from credible people who have tried the services of a moving company.  These trusted people include your neighbors, your relatives, or your colleagues.  Ask them about the experience they had with the moving company they hired.  You can also inquire your real estate agent for recommended movers in your area or state.  If you live in Minneapolis, for example, ask for Minneapolis movers they happen to know that are credible.

Surf the Internet and go over reviews

Another way to make sure that you find a trusted mover is to go over customer reviews on the Internet.  It is not enough to click on moving company websites and believe everything they brag about their services.  It is important that their claims are backed by positive customer reviews from trusted websites like moverreviews.com, moverssearchandreviews.com, and 123movers.  You can also check out movingscams.com to find out client complaints on movers.

Talk to at least three movers in your area and compare them

After soliciting advices and going over reviews, you can start calling at least three movers in your area and compare which one is more reliable.  Here are some concerns you can ask, observe, and compare to find a reliable moving company:

  • Registration and years in the business.  To be sure if the moving company is legitimate, ask for their registration number.  In addition, find out how many years they had been in the business.  The longer they had been providing moving services, the more reliable they tend to be.

  • Rates.  Of course you will be asking about their rates, but to find a mover who you can trust, you need to see to it that their price is not too high or too low compared to other movers.  Very high rates would mean overpricing, while too low would make them suspicious, too.  Furthermore, never consider a mover who asks for big deposit payments even before they transport your belongings.  They just might be scammers who do not appear at your door step during your scheduled move.   You can check out movingscams.com for some complaints on movers.

  • Insurance.   Inquire about insurance costs, too.  Be careful of companies who promise that all your items are covered by their insurance or those companies who do not offer any insurance at all.

  • Inspection.  Make sure that the mover provides an on-site inspection of your belongings and an estimation that is based on weight, not by cubic feet that is considered invalid.

  • Information copy.  The mover must be able to provide you with your copy of "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move".  This information is required by the Federal regulations to be provided to customers of movers when planning an interstate relocation.

  • Subcontracting.  Ask if the mover will hire a subcontractor to do the move for you or they do it themselves.  If they hire a subcontractor, ask for the driver's details.  If they fail to do so, then you cannot trust them at all.

All these are important to consider if you want to make your moving experience less stressful.  You need to find a moving company you can trust so you can relax and would not have to worry about being scammed.

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