16 September 2009

9 Smart Tips on How to Get an Inexpensive Car Insurance

Save more from your car insurance by increasing your deductibles, clearing inessential insurance coverage, keeping your credit rating clean, asking for discounts, choosing a yearly policy, modifying your car, availing for the low mileage discount, buying in bulk, and looking and choosing  the best and most affordable car insurance quote.

Nowadays, anybody who is driving any type of vehicle is required by law to have his own car insurance. Having one is very important as this can be used for one’s protection against substantial financial losses caused by accidents, injury or damage. There are already many companies providing such services. You can also purchase very cheap car insurance online. Though car insurance prices vary due to some factors, it wouldn’t always mean that you have to pay a fortune just for it. Here are tips on how you can get cheap car insurance:

Increase your deductibles

Increasing your deductibles can actually lower your car insurance premium. The down side to this is that you will not be able to benefit from your insurance only when damages from accidents that cost less than your actual deductible will occur, thus you will have to pay the damages from your own pocket.

Clear inessential insurance coverage

If you have examined your insurance policy, you will find that there is a list of services each in different price range. All the services, whether you have used it or not, are all included in your payment. One way to get cheap car insurance is to get rid of some unnecessary coverage. Examples of which are the towing service, rental or collision, etc. You may also have to drop the bodily injury insurance if you already have health insurance.

Keep your credit rating clean

Most companies check the insurance purchaser’s credit and make it a basis for his policy. If your credit is in top shape, you probably will get cheaper car insurance. If it’s not, they’ll probably charge you more. Others who have bad credits usually go for insurance companies that won’t check credit ratings.

Ask for discounts

Insurance companies can give you discounts when you purchase from them. But they don’t offer discounts directly unless you ask from them. Ask also if your insurance company offers club membership or group discounts. Group discounts are offered to those who are affiliated to some organizations like college sororities or fraternities, or even credit unions.

Choose a yearly policy

You can save more money when you choose a yearly policy as compared to a six-month policy or quarterly policy. It is because yearly policies have fixed rates and can only change after a year.

Modify your car

Insurance companies usually give discounts to automatic cars and cars with theft devices. If your car doesn’t have any of these, you can add some features to your car like air bags, daytime running lights, or anti-lock brakes to avail the discount.

Avail for the low mileage discount

People who seldom drive and have low mileage every year can avail of the “low mileage discount”.  Some companies can give up to 10% discount on car insurance for cars with less mileage.

Buy in bulk

Like any merchandise being sold in any store, buying car insurance in bulk will save you money. When you buy two or more types of insurance from the same company, the company most likely will give you a discount. You can either get your house or building insured together with your car, get car insurance for all your cars at the same time, or convince some of your friends to get car insurance with you.

Look and choose the best and most affordable car insurance quote

This probably is the best way for you to find and get cheap car insurance coverage. By doing some research on different car insurance providers, looking at reviews online and asking insurance provider personnel directly about their company and their services are the best ways to compare and evaluate which company is better than the other and which one most likely fits your needs.

Getting your car insured gives you the assurance that you will be taken care of when any unfortunate circumstances occur. But you won’t always have to pay much just to get this done.

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