10 September 2009

6 Important Questions You Should Ask about Payment Gateway

With all those payment gateway companies like nmi gateway in the market, it isn’t easy to choose one that will satisfy your needs. You can ask on the following issues or matters in order to pick out the right one: the company's background; the services it does offer; the possibility of a test drive of the demo on the software and the availability of a user’s manual;  the  option of inquiring from existing clients or customers;  the capability of the staff to give a thorough explanation of the process of transaction and its requirements; and the fees to be paid and what is the total cost.

Having a thriving online business will become even better with the convenience of a payment gateway. But a merchant who wants this for the sake of his shop is prone to fraudulent practices since there are some of them that are so true to the outside but really unreliable to the inside. To avoid scams, evaluate each prospective payment gateway company by asking their personnel with the aid of the questions that will follow.

The company's background

Before dealing with anything else, first, you must have some background check. You may ask the personnel about this. For further details, you may also read the company profile found in the “all about us” page on their website or you may also have a look at the company brochures if available. But then, there’s always the question of security, so a trip to the Department of Trade will keep you from being a victim of fraud. You should also be aware of how long that company has been in the market. The longer it’s been on the race, the better. Another thing you need to know is its terms and conditions. Search for a corporation that has a clean background to get the highest of customer experience that you deserve.

The services it does offer

Features such as fast transaction time, global currency support, email capabilities, and great technical support are a few things to look for in a great payment gateway. Know if your prospective choice offers extra services. Assure that these services are part of the package deal and doesn’t cost you extra fees. This may include recurring billing support, maintenance to deal with machine collapse, telephone support, and fraud detection.

The possibility of a test drive of the demo software and the availability of a user’s manual

A company that provides demo software is pretty much confident of its capacity to serve. You may also ask if you can avail a free user’s manual to go along with the package deal.

the  option of inquiring from existing clients or customers

Keep in mind that this is a vital question to ask. If they do give you a list of their customers without a second of hesitation, then you’re a step closer to finding the best payment gateway company. Call these clients one at a time and confirm the company’s credibility. If otherwise they give you a classy-sounding excuse, then you are putting your business at stake.

the capability of the staff to give a thorough explanation of the process of transaction and its requirements

This would give you a hint if the services they offered are really suitable for your needs. A personnel who can explain this really well adds bonus points to the company’s credibility. Ask also if what kind of credit or debit cards are acceptable and what machines that you need to install in your workspace to go with the package deal.

The fees to be paid and what is the total cost

After hearing what the company has to offer, ask how much money you will owe them if ever you do want to use their services. Make sure that the total cost is exactly what they said it would be. No more, no less. Remember that the product cost is not equal to the total cost. It doesn’t include the set up and other installation fees. The following are a few of the hidden payment gateway fees that the personnel would probably not tell you: chargeback fees, termination charge, help-desk fees, annual fees and setup fees. Don’t be one of the merchant obliviously charged by payment gateway providers. Know what you’re in for before going into them.

Ever since online shops have been obtainable to the mass, it has been a trend to pay through credit cards instead of cash. Any merchant will choose to provide good customer service while ensuring the safety of his business in the hands of the payment gateway company. Asking the said questions will put your company in the corporate ladder.

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