02 September 2009

5 Excellent Advantages of Having an iPhone Merchant Account

With an iphone merchant account, merchants will be having a head start. The advantages of having one are the fact that it’s lightweight, adds to your business’ credibility, cuts cost, has a clean-cut security, and it boosts customer sales.

In the uprising of technology, merchants now have convenient alternatives to the bunch of equipments needed in order to complete and operate a merchant account. Merchant accounts can now be accessed by mobile especially when using the iPhone.  This is most convenient to e-business owners because its many advantages. Below are the following:


The mobility is exceptional. It’s literally having your business in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to carrying that burdensome laptop wherever you go. Bid your last farewell to household-to-household selling, trade shows, agency campaigns and other business strategies for you have the iPhone to do all those things for you. This is made possible by the virtual credit card terminal on your iPhone unit. This time, it saves you from the hassle of acquiring a phone network to link with your payment gateway since there are online payment gateways that cater to the iPhone merchant account.

Adds to your business’ credibility

Without a doubt, you’ll achieve the trust and confidence of the customers in no time. Features such as real time and speedy transactions, and email notifications that comes with the merchant account terminal app installed in your iPhone improves the credibility of your biz.

Cuts cost

One aspect where you can definitely save is that you no longer have to pay for the installation of a credit card terminal in your workplace or store, or any phone line or network. Your iPhone has all these requirements to get your merchant account up and on the go.

Has a clean-cut security

The storage of information is the finest feature about the iPhone merchant account. This provides you with further security to spare as data are never stored the phone’s memory. The credit card information of your client and other transaction information are directly transmitted to the online payment gateway utilized by your merchant account. This is routed across a secure Internet link that only you and the payment gateway can have a hold on. You are free of hacking from some external source.

Boosts customer sales

All these pros come down to the increase in customers and thus, increase in sales. Don’t burden yourself with any loss in retails caused by the absence of card processing terminals. Any mishaps in a credit card transaction can be solved right away. Feedback on acceptance and refusal is made accessible to clients with no trouble.

The iPhone merchant account could widen the horizons of your business opportunities and will never be a loss of money. If it benefits you and your business then you are indisputably, in the right track.

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