20 September 2009

4 Beneficial Uses of Vinyl Envelopes

Vinyl envelopes have benefits to offer. Be it at home, work, or school. They are very practical use and serve these functions:  organizing, storing, protecting, and presenting valuable documents.

Envelopes have been of great help in keeping important documents and confidential letters. Not known to many is that these handy tools evolved from the simplest materials---clay, tile, skin, leaves---up to the present-day papyrus and wood, thus the the term "paper envelope".  vinyl envelopes, made from ethylene and chlorine, make for a more durable material than paper, giving you more benefits at a lower cost. They have become part of today’s schools and offices because of their vital uses.


Vinyl envelopes give you a convenient way to organize documents, receipts, memos, etc., without the hassle of having a file drawer, a bunch of paper clips, push pins, and refrigerator magnets. You can easily keep track of your important papers since vinyl envelopes are both practical and beneficial when it comes to documentation. You can mark or label each envelope to indicate what its content is all about. Plus, these envelopes come in various forms, colors, sizes, and can accommodate a variety of files.


Security of files and space conservation are what vinyl envelopes offer. You can store your documents for a long period of time, simply because vinyl does not decay, unlike paper. It is convenient and advantageous due to its unique properties which filing cabinets and desk organizers do not have, such as its light weight and portability.


Paper documents are very delicate, therefore, a great degree of protection is necessary to preserve important records. Vinyl envelopes protect documents from wrinkling, smears of dirt and liquid, discoloration, and even from getting torn because the material from which they are made are water and tamper resistant. Also, the acid-free composition of vinyl envelopes protects inked materials such as certificates, photographs, and receipts due to reduced humidity and color distortion. Because of this, you can be assured that your documents are kept in the right place.


Placing documents in a clear vinyl envelope is a cool way of preparing them for presentation. They can be viewed directly through the envelope without the need to pull them out. Photographs and other collections or souvenirs like tickets, stamps, and bills can all be stored in vinyl envelopes and are ready for presentation any time. You can enhance your creativity by punching two holes on one side of the envelope, tying a ribbon or a lace which serves as a hanger for the wall, and placing a calendar, goal chart, or reminder inside.

Whether documents are school- or office-related, vinyl envelopes sure do offer a great deal of perks and satisfaction.

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