02 August 2009

9 Things to Look For in Choosing a House Plan to Build a Decent and Affordable House

In building a decent and affordable house, you need to choose your house plan carefully. All you have to do is choose a house plan that is less than 1,500 square-footage, 2-storey rather than a large one-story building, with simple roof lines, with garages or porches, has one or no fireplace, minimum hall space, combined plumbing system, simple fixtures, and no basement.

Budget is one of the many things to consider in building a home.  You need a house plan that will satisfy not only you and your family but your pockets as well. To build a decent and affordable house, here are things that you should look for in a house plan:

Less than 1,500 square-footage

Go for a plan that only has low square-footage. Usually, building a home that covers more than 1,500 square feet cost more than building a house with a plan lesser than the 1,500 perimeter. This is because builders charge a per-square-foot cost. This would even go up when the plan is larger or more complex. A smaller home also fit to any decent lot and you will also be coinciding with local building codes.

2-story than a big one-story home

A large one-story home with all rooms on the floor cost more than building a two-story house with at least three rooms on the second floor. Examples of affordable two-story house plans are the one-and-a-half story Cape Cod home style, with a bedroom and bath on the first floor and two bedrooms and another bath on the second floor, and a two-story Colonial, with equal square-footage on the both first and second floor.

With simple roof lines

It may be appealing if you have very nice roof lines, but they cost more than simpler ones. Simple roof lines cost less but still perform the same purpose like those of the interesting ones. You can also add a dormer to your sloping roof to beautify the exterior. It will not cost as much as building full complex roof lines.

With garages or porches

They are additional features in the house plan that aren’t costly at all because they are not build with all the walls closed. But they are functional in many ways and also are excellent features in the house. Like for example, the upper portion of the garage can be used as a bedroom or a terrace.

One or no fireplace

Installing a fireplace is expensive. But if you plan to have one, install one in the living room or family room. But if you would rather save the money, ditch having one and opt for heaters instead.

Minimum hall space

Hallways are effective against crowding or traffic but they definitely take up a lot of space from other areas. What is good with minimal hall space is that you can build other features of the house from it like an extra bookshelf or closet.

Combined plumbing system

Combining plumbing systems from different rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom, can cut expenses. This way you will only have to install one plumbing system for both rooms instead of installing it individually.

Simple fixtures

Save more in carpentry by building and keeping features simple like bookcases, cabinets, kitchen counters or pantry.

No basement

A basement is usually used for storage purposes. But building a house plan with a basement will cost you more than a mere solid foundation. You can choose a plan though with a two-car garage or a utility closet, at least you still have some space for storage.

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