18 August 2009

6 Good Reasons Why You Need a Payment Gateway Service for a More Competitive Online Business

A payment gateway facility has become a must for almost every online retailer in order to accept credit cards and other electronic payment forms.  The benefits of having this service include fast processing of online transactions, security for you and your customers, more payment channels catered, increase in customer base, bigger profits, and better liquidity.

Does an online business really require a payment gateway facility for it to work on the Internet?  Maybe not, but integrating such service in your system presents enormous advantages to make your business more successful and competitive.  Here are the main benefits of getting a payment gateway facility for your online business:

Fast processing of online transactions

An internet payment gateway facility features real-time processing and approval of credit card and other electronic payment transactions.  You will instantly know whether a certain transaction is approved or declined.  It is not like with check payments, wherein you need to wait for days to find out whether a check has been cleared in your account or has bounced or returned for some reason.  Customers, on the other hand, do not have to wait long for their transaction to be processed.

Security for you and your customers

One of the most attractive features of payment gateway is that it instantly prompts retailers for stolen credit cards and probable fraudulent transactions.  It helps you avoid the risk of having to deal with these types of transactions and incur losses.  Customers on the other hand, will feel more secure, since with payment gateway service, the data they input upon purchasing online will be handled safely in the provider’s secure servers  It is not done on your website that may still have the risk of being hacked.  There is also a chargeback guarantee for customers to assure them of refund in case the product or service was not delivered, the product or service delivered is not the one described, or they are not satisfied with the product or service you deliver.

More payment channels catered

Payment gateway service providers also offer virtual terminals that allow you to accept and process payments in a fast, safe, and convenient manner via different payment channels.  A payment gateway does not just let you accept credit cards online, but also from mobile, mail, and telephone purchases.

Increase in customer base

With the more payment options you offer, plus all the security, speed, and convenience you give your customers by means of your payment gateway, your store will become more attractive to them.  Customers always make it appoint to buy from stores that provide them fast, convenient, and secure shopping.  Especially in today’s setting wherein online purchases are widely practiced, it is really a great comfort for your customers to shop online using credit cards and other electronic payment forms.  Some customers also prefer to pay through their mobile phones, which is made possible with a payment gateway facility.  Aside from this, you will also be able to cater to international customers, thus increasing your customer base and sales.

Bigger profits

Despite the added costs for applying and maintaining a payment gateway facility, you are sure to have increased profits as you will be expecting more sales with increased customer base.  It also allows your online business to process transactions at any time of the day and any day of the week.  Your main objective in putting up a business to earn profit is not only realized, but is augmented.  With increased profits, you can expand your business by adding more products and services or employing other expansion methods that make your business more competitive and profitable.

Better liquidity

With a payment gateway facility, your business will be more liquid as funds are usually directed to your merchant account in as fast as one to two days.  It promotes a more efficient cash flow that can help you manage your operations better when it comes to handling your sales and your expenses.

Aside from all these benefits, some payment gateway service providers offer more value-added products and services.  They offer incentives to their clients, such as free shopping cart, recurring billing, and even free directories and links to other providers that you might need for your business, such as web developers and Internet service providers. Instead of having to go through the search or application for certain services yourself, you can make your payment gateway facility service provider your one-stop destination for most of your business needs.

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