31 August 2009

6 Effective Steps in Writing a Request to Get Free Promotional Gift Items

In order to effectively write a letter requesting free promotional gift items for your business, you need to write the request letter using the proper format, introduce yourself and your company properly, state your specific needs as modestly as possible, express your purpose for such request clearly, relate the benefits the vendor gains by giving out free gifts, and leave clear response information.

A decent letter of request helps you achieve your intended purpose and gain respect from the sponsoring vendor at the same time.  To effectively write your request, consider the following easy steps:

Write the request letter using the proper format

Write your letter as formally as possible using the correct format with proper letter heading, address, greeting, body, complimentary close, and signature.  Make sure you enter the correct information, especially the title and company position of the person you wish to address the letter to, as well as your own.  Using correct format will help create a decent letter, increasing your chance of being approved with your request.

Introduce yourself and your company properly

It is important to introduce yourself and your position in your company to establish the formality of your requisition letter.  Usually, it is the company’s marketing staff who solicits such requests, noted by the company head.  In addition, you need to give a very brief yet concise description of your company to help the vendor understand the nature of your request.  For example, you can say “I am Mr. ABC, the Marketing Manager of XYZ Company, which a non-profit organization involved in the conservation of energy…”

State your specific needs as modestly as possible

After a very brief introduction, go directly to stating your specific needs in the most modest way.  For example “We would appreciate it a lot if you could offer us 30 pieces of pens….” It is important for your letter to be as brief and concise as possible, without much flowery words to retain formality and so as not to eat much of your prospective benefactor’s time.

Express your purpose for such request clearly

Your letter must clearly state your intention for such request, whether it is in relation to a certain event in your company or whatever purpose it serves.  Is it in line with your inauguration or anniversary?  It must show how such sort of sponsorship serves your event.  Will the promotional gifts be awarded to employees, to guests, or to both as thanksgiving tokens?  Or maybe as prizes to event draws or contests.

Relate the benefits the vendor gains by giving out free gifts

The most influential driving force that lets the vendor agree with your request is the benefit they will gain from giving out free gifts.  Aside from the help they could give you, it would be more encouraging for them to offer free items when such donation benefits them too.  The sponsorship can be a great way to advertise their products.  You can say, for example, that their product or company will be advertised either through announcements in between program features, or through name appearances in posters, banners, etc.  You can also allow the company to set up a booth, for example, during the entire duration of your event.

Leave clear response information

Finally, it is important to leave clear response information after you have expressed your needs, your purpose, and your great deal.  The vendor needs to know how to get to you once they have made their decision.  You can leave your email address, telephone number, and mobile numbers so they can keep in touch with you in their most convenient way.

Just a tip, do submit your request as early as possible to give vendors time to think of your request.  You can give a follow-up call after a week or more from the time the letter was accepted.  When request has been approved, do not forget to thank your sponsor and fulfill the benefit you promised so as to create a lasting and harmonious relationship with them.

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