06 August 2009

6 Different Types of Store Fixtures for Effective Merchandising

Display your merchandises in different styles. Here are different types of store fixtures to choose from: shelving system, wall displays system, garment racks, mannequins, showcase tables and counters, and literature or publications racks.

A retail stores like thrift stores, grocery stores, boutiques, discount stores, and the likes would not be complete without store fixtures. They are store owners’ basic necessities for merchandising to be able to showcase their products to their customers. With the right store fixtures, you can be able to attract and impress your customers which results to increase in your business sales. They will also keep your store neat and in order. Below are types of store fixtures that you can utilize for your store:

Shelving System

The shelving system is the most popular type of store fixture. They are seen at most retail stores like boutiques, grocery stores, pharmacies, furniture or trinket shops, hardware stores, etc. The shelving system has also different types. Examples of which are the gondola, cube units, baker’s racks, cable and rod suspension, modular bins, Duron Bullnose shelving, island merchandisers, display tables, and other metal, wood or glass shelves. The most commonly used type of shelving system is the gondola. They are white peg-board shelves found in grocery stores.

Wall Displays Systems

The wall display system is commonly found at apparel stores or boutiques and cosmetics stores. It is a type of store fixture with racks or shelves attached to the wall. Examples of which are wall units, grid wall system, ladder system, Trac 2001 wall system, wall merchandisers, slat wall system, chain links display system, meridian system, and modular wood shelving system. The most versatile among this type of store fixture is the grid wall system. It is often found in apparel stores displaying shoes or hanged clothing. It is characterized by groups of grid panels with floor fixture or bases and with hooks, brackets, wire shelves or baskets, and face-outs attached to the panels in rows or columns.

Garment racks

They are often used to display different men, women, and kids apparels in the department store.  They are made of metal or wood. In just one rack, it can display a number of clothes in one time. It also allows customers to get detailed views of your merchandise.


Mannequins are life-size dummies of persons – males, females, or kids. Normally, they have all body parts including the head and feet and are set in different poses.  They are made of different kinds of materials like wood, wax, fiberglass, etc.  They are the best in displaying any type of clothing because they really resemble how the clothes fit when worn. That is why they are primarily used in boutiques or department stores as front displays for different kinds of apparels.

Showcase tables and counters

Showcase tables and counters are ideal store fixtures for stores selling fine jewelries and chinaware but they can also be used to display cosmetics, perfumes, ceramics and figurines, medicine, or electronic devices. This type of store fixture ensures the security of merchandises especially those that are expensive. Customers may only look at the items through the glass counters or showcases and need to ask for assistance if he wants to inspect his chosen item.

Literature and publications racks

They are types of racks specifically made to display books or magazine, and even postcards.

With the right location and the best store fixtures, gradually, your store will become more popular and more customers will be there to look at your merchandises. It only takes a few arrangements to make a huge impact on customers’ impressions.

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