16 August 2009

4 Standard Requirements of an Authentic Organic Mattress

Organic materials, toxin free, natural manufacturing, and National Association of Organic Mattress Industry certification are the generally required organic standards of an authentic organic mattress.

Organic mattresses are often confused with natural mattresses. All organic mattresses are naturally made but not all natural mattresses are organically produce. Authentic organic mattresses are made only from the highest regulation of organic materials. It can only be considered as an organic mattress when the requirements of organic standards are met. The organic standards that are generally agreed by most of the mattress manufacturers are following:

Organic materials

When one would say organic materials this would mean that 100% of the materials used are synthetic free and natural. Natural cotton fiber is the most common organic material that makes up an authentic organic mattress. Other organic materials used for organic mattresses include soybeans, coconut husks, and other plant fiber. Plant fiber is the most convenient material that allows the mattress to breath for more comfort.

Toxin free

Most conventional synthetic mattresses are treated with chemical products. This chemical products enhance the durability and life span of synthetic mattresses. However, exposing oneself to chemicals will increase the risk of toxin exposure. Organic mattresses are only made from natural fibers such as cotton. Cotton fibers can grow without using pesticides and is therefore totally organic. Other chemical is not necessarily used to produce cotton fibers for organic mattresses. The adhesive and  rubber used in organic mattresses are also carefully check from toxic substance to ensure the health factor imposed on organic mattress.

Natural manufacturing

A mattress must also be manufactured naturally to have it claimed as an authentic organic mattress. Organic mattress does not just limit to the use of organic materials but also to how it is naturally manufactured as well. Producing organic mattresses must go through organic and natural procedure. Organic mattresses are made by the most natural techniques that does not require any chemicals and synthetic technology. Preservatives and other strengthening chemicals  are strictly not necessary. The organic manifestation of an organic mattress is preserve by producing the mattress in the most natural process. The production may be slow but the comfort and health factor that can be experience on an organic mattress is priceless.

National Association of  Organic Mattress Industry certification

There is actually no legal standards of classifying an organic mattress. However, most companies of the mattress manufacturing industry agreed to a common degree of an organic standard. The National Association of Organic Mattress Industry or NAOMI certifies the ratification of a quality and standardize organic mattress. A mattress can only be considered organic when it is certified by NAOMI as an authentic organic mattress. The association discloses to the consumer the purity and authenticity of the organic materials that are used. Having a NAOMI certified mattress is ensuring that you have a chemical free and authentic organic mattress.

An organic product is not just limited to the natural material that comprises it. It also consider other factors that upgrade the standards of what truly is organic. Carefully check the components of the materials and how the mattress is made. By doing so, you can accurately evaluate if your mattress is truly organic.

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