09 August 2009

2 Great Things about Authorize.Net that Lets Your Business Earn More

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service provider that presents enormous benefits to merchants, resellers, and related developers.  It provides secure, reliable, and fast services to merchants; and, it offers excellent program incentives to resellers and developers who refer them to customer merchants.

A payment gateway facility goes hand in hand with a merchant account so that a business is able to process credit card and other electronic payments for purchases made via different channels.  Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service provider that proficiently answers to the needs of merchants and benefits other related institutions.  Here are the two main features of Authorize.Net that lets you earn more with your business:

It provides secure, reliable, and fast services to merchants

As a gateway service provider, authorize.net securely allows fast and reliable transmission of transaction data from online, retail, mail order or telephone order (MOTO), and mobile purchases to credit card processors.

  • Online.  For online merchants, Authorize.net transmits purchasing data in your website to credit card processors either through Simple Integration Method (SIM) or Advanced Integration Method (AIM).  SIM, which is usually adopted by small businesses, works by redirecting your clients to Authorize.Net website for the processing of electronic payments.  AIM, which is alternately used by most big businesses, does not need redirecting of clients to another web page.  The authorization of a client’s payment is done on the merchant’s website.

  • Retail.  If you are a retailer, you can make use of Authorize.net’s Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal to process credit card and electronic check payments.  Your client’s credit/debit card is swiped to the POS where transaction is being processed and completed.

  • Mail order or telephone order (MOTO) and mobile.  If you process customer purchases through MOTO and mobile phones, you can operate with Authorize.Net’s virtual terminal.  With this, you can manually input credit card and electronic payment transactions using their merchant interface.

Authorize.net also provides optional value-adding products that will make your business operations more efficient and safe.  These are Automated Recurring Billing, eCheck.Net, Customer Information Manager, and Advanced Fraud Detection Suite.

  • Automated recurring billing.  This optional feature enables online or MOTO merchants to easily administer recurring transactions, such as monthly subscriptions or annual fees.   This helps promote repeat clients as well as helps lessen costs.

  • ECheck.Net.  Either directly from merchant’s websites or through Authorize.Net Virtual terminal, merchants will be able to accept payments directly from personal or corporate bank accounts through eCheck,Net.  If you are an online or MOTO merchant, you can utilize this feature to help keep existing customers and attract potential clients as it offers them additional payment options.   It also helps your company get away with some hassles and costs of dealing with paper checks.

  • Customer information manager.  This added feature allows you to keep your customer’s information in Authorize.Net’s secure servers.  It simplifies payment processes for repeat customers by not requiring them to re-enter the needed personal data every time they purchase from your website.  It also allows your customers to store various payment methods, as well as different shipping addresses for their future purchases in your website.

  • Advanced fraud detection suite.   Authorize.Net’s fraud prevention feature filters and prevents suspicious and fraudulent transactions in your website.  The filters and the way by which suspicious transactions are handled can be customized according to your business needs.

Finally, Authorize.Net provides you with third-party solutions, such as certified shopping carts and certified hosting partners.  You will find a short description of each developer here as well as a direct link to these developers.

It offers excellent program incentives to resellers and developers who refer them to their customer merchants

Authorize.net sells itself either directly to customers or indirectly through resellers and referrers.  These are usually merchant account providers that always need a gateway payment facility to receive credit card and electronic check payments or other merchant-related developers.

  • Reseller.  If you are a reseller, you can make money by including Authorize.Net in your package of services for merchants.  Their incentive program grants you commission for every referral you made that has subscribed to their services.  You will also get a share of the fees that go with the merchant’s subscription, such as monthly gateway fee and per transaction fee.  In addition, you will be included in their list of reseller’s directory for free advertising.  Their reseller program also features Third Party Solutions, wherein your merchants can browse from among certified third-party partner websites for other related needs, such as shopping carts, MOTO software, and mobile devices, among others.  Finally, it can benefit you if you can convert a current or an interested merchant with a different payment gateway to Authorize.Net.   They will handle the conversion process, as well as waive the initial setup fees for your clients, thus attracting more merchants to deal with you.

  • Related developers.  Companies, such as website developers, POS system developers, shopping cart developers, Internet service providers, and web developers can benefit from Authorize.Net’s developer and affiliate programs.  As a developer, you can enjoy commissions for every merchant you refer.  You will also enjoy services such as free advertisements by listing your company under their list of certified developers.

Whether you are a merchant, a reseller, or a developer, Authorize.Net always helps you earn more and helps you operate efficiently.  Boasting around 284,000 merchants subscribed, it is sure to be a trusted name in the industry for providing secure, reliable, and fast transmission of transaction data, as well as for providing online fraud prevention services.

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