21 July 2009

Ways to Check if Funds are Safely Processed in an Offshore Merchant Account

Processed funds in an offshore merchant account can be checked by inquiring through phone or email, checking your account online, reviewing your statement of account, and visiting the merchant account provider’s office.

High-risk businesses deal large volumes of orders and large amounts of money, which are considered mostly to be high-risk transactions. To manage this, they need a merchant account that can offer them the right and best services for the business to grow. The ones willing to provide these services are offshore merchant accounts.

Letting merchant account providers to do credit card processing and volumes of transactions, account holders are also very careful and always want to be sure if their account providers are trust-worthy and are honestly doing their job. To be sure if your funds are safely processed by your merchant account, below are ways on how to check on them:

Inquiring via phone or email

This way maybe is the fastest way of verifying your funds. You don’t have to go to your account provider’s office to check whether or not your funds are already processed. Most banks already have customer support to help clients with whatever problems they are experiencing with their accounts or any of the provider’s services. Friendly, accommodating and highly-trained customer service representatives will be happy to answer all your inquiries whether it’s by phone or through email. When calling, it is best to contact the billing department to assist you with your concerns.

Checking your account online

Since most businesses are now open to the benefits of online marketing, most merchant account providers now have their own websites. This is not to gain more merchants internationally but they are also intended to help current or upcoming online merchant clients. Online merchants are now given the privilege to keep track with any transactions in their account online and to see if funds are already sent to their accounts.  All they have to do is to do is log-in into their account provider’s website. It would now be very convenient for them to check their business sales and account transactions at the same time.

Reviewing your statement of account

The statement of account provides a great deal of information and details of every transaction made in your account including chargeback, fees and so on. In here you can find practically everything that comes in and out of your account.

Visiting the merchant account provider’s office

There are people who prefer to attend certain matters personally. There are bank representatives who will attend to their concerns if ever they’ll like to visit their account provider’s offices for funds verifications.

Mostly, it takes around 2-3 days for funds to be processed and sent to your own banking account. If you want to check your funds, do the inquiries within or after the given period of time.

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