14 July 2009

Free Merchant Accounts to Look For

One can find free merchant accounts through some sites like: www.2checkout.com, www.freemerchantaccounts.com, and www.freeauthnet.com. A free merchant account offers services like merchant account application, set-up, terminals, shopping carts, and gateway processing - everything without a cost.

Free merchant accounts are third party processors that allow one to accept and process credit cards without the need of a merchant account. They earn by taking a percentage for every transaction made. Free services are offered, which include merchant account application, set-up, terminals, shopping carts, and gateway processing. Below are some sites that offer free merchant services to its clients:


Their services include customized transactions, multi-level customer service interaction and free technical support.


There's a free online application at Free MerchantAccounts.com, which is quick and easy. It only takes 10 minutes to finish online application and 2 days to set-up an account. Unlike other credit card processing competitors, Free MerchantAccounts.com offers a free software and terminal device. This will save you several bucks and help you get rid of the non-cancelable lease for the device.


At FreeAuthNet.com, there is no need to buy an account since they will give it to you for free. You just need to open a credit card merchant account with them and they will do the rest. As claimed, they offer the lowest possible rate in the credit card processing industry.

Getting a merchant account is quite expensive; therefore, a good alternative is to acquire the services of a third party processor. With free merchant account, there is no credit checking, no set-up fees and no monthly dues to paid.

To give you more insights about free merchant accounts, log-on to www.buildwebsite4u.com where they give a bit detailed information about what are free merchant accounts in totality. Aside from the abovementioned free merchant accounts, other examples are found at www.a-web-biz.com and www.merchantseek.com such as Paypal, clickbank, verotel, CCbill and more.

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