19 July 2009

2 Best Sites to Invite People to Have a Merchant Account

A merchant account is an important factor for any financial online transactions. Online sites such as Facebook  and Twitter are the the leading social networking and telecommunication sites to find and invite prospective clients to avail of a merchant account.

Merchant account providers could advertise there services and find a large number of prospective clients by joining the following online social networking  and telecommunication sites:


Being the most popular online community, Facebook enables merchant account provider to easily search for prospective clients to sign up for a merchant account. This online utility does not just connect people and simply allows them to share personal messages but is also an efficient tool to advertise for your business. By posting a single business advertisement, the utility automatically informs all the connecting account of the user. According to online statistics, Facebook's popularity rate grew to sixty million users in the last three months of this year. It has globally reached its popularity from the U.S across Asia which means that online activity has already penetrated into the social activity of people around the world. Each of these Facebook user might use a merchant account for further online transactions and could therefore be prospective clients for merchant account provider.


Being the second most popular online networking site, Twitter is rather categorized as the leading telecommunication online utility. With its micro-blogging approach it is the most popular network blogging site today. Twitter is oriented to primarily focus on sharing news and is therefore more appropriate in delivering any information for personal, social, and business contacts. By finding the contact email in the website that a person has listed on his Twitter account, merchant account providers could easily gather contact information of possible clients. Because tweets are so concise, reading them would be very convenient and in one way shows a person's interests and influences. Having this in mind, the merchant providers could already asses beforehand if that person needs a merchant account.

The more we know which social network to use for a specific business purpose, the more we can evaluate the demand of a certain market group. In this case, using Facebook and Twitter as a contact and advertising tool for offering your service products is like hitting two birds with one stone.

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