26 June 2009

Best Merchant Account Provider

Pointing out who is the best merchant account provider is difficult to determine since different providers offer different services and packages. However, several account providers belong to the top providers namely the Instabill.com, Authorize.net, Charge.com, Merchant account express, SCS International and US merchant accounts, and the CyberBit.

A merchant account allows you to accept payment from customers through credit cards and debit cards. A third party transmits credit card information to the merchant account provider and makes money by charging on a per transaction basis. There is no one best merchant account provider; but, there are few who belong the top providers.

Here are some best merchant account providers:


A high risk merchant account provider, which offers third party services, customization and optimization at a low monthly fee of $49. In addition, transaction fees, reserves fees and sign up fees are also applied making Instabill one of the best merchant accounts.


Offers a full range of direct merchant accounts with a large database of merchant account resellers. As an affiliate of e-Commerce websites, credit card processing services are also incorporated.


Offers both hardware and software credit card processing provider with free application fee and set-up.


A US based account provider with rates lower than other account providers. No application, set-up and initial payments; however, transaction fee and monthly fee apply.


It handles various types of e-Commerce business through their different solutions and packages, which suit you best. It has a single 8 percent transaction fee but, no registration and no monthly fees.


A Europe based merchant account provider, CyberBit has all-in-one solution offering gateways, processors, and e-Commerce accounts. Their rates are quite high compared to other providers because of their good service.

To be able to cope with the tough competition, one has to provide numerous choices for the client's needs. Extra services should be given to keep customers from coming back. Provide great alternatives like added services because in this way, both the business owners and the customers are benefited.

Using credit and debit cards is now part of our everyday living. We don't have to worry about cards lost from thieves because unlike cash, once the cards are stolen or lost, clients still have a chance to retrieve it or protect themselves by reporting to authorities. Lost or stolen cards are automatically cancelled to prevent fraudulent use. To date, this is the most convenient way to do any business transaction.

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