02 April 2008

9 Unforgettable Attractions to See in Tangier, Morocco

In Tangier, Morocco you will enjoy many interesting places and things to see like the Tangier’s Medina, Kasbah, Forbes Museum, Place de France, Tangier American Legation Museum, cuisines, local products and souvenirs, events, and sailing cruise ships and ferries.

Tangier, Morocco is a small city lying on the coast of North Africa, just at the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. The city’s culture and tradition is a mix of North African, Spanish, and French traditions. What makes the city a famous tourist destination is its rich natural resources, scenic places, and diverse culture. To get a better view of the city, find a property in Tangier to rent or own now so you can see what this wonderful city offers.

Tangier’s Medina

The Medina refers to the city’s Grand Socco and Petit Socco. The Petit Socco, or the ‘small souk', is a square filled with business establishments, mostly hotels, restaurants and cafes. The Grand Socco or the ‘big souk’ is where stalls and shops that sell fruit, pottery and textiles are located.


The Kasbah is located in the Medina’s highest point. It was once the resident palace of the Sultan and is now transformed into a museum. It houses a collection of artifacts dating from the Phoenician times to the present. The building itself and gardens also greatly reflect Moroccan art and breathtaking architecture. You have to pay a small fee of 10 Moroccan Dirham to enter.

Forbes Museum

Owned by Malcolm Forbes, an American tycoon, this museum not only houses the famous 115,000 lead soldiers reenacting the battles of Waterloo, Somme, and Three Kings, but it also has a beautiful garden that tourists and locals can view.

Place de France

This European looking square is most visited by locals and tourists because of their cafes. Enjoy the wonderful view of the Spanish coast and the Gibraltar Strait while sipping a cup of tea or coffee from the terrace called Terrasse des Paresseux.

Tangier American Legation Museum

The Tangier American Legation Museum is a United States historical landmark. It is a cultural and conference center, library, and a museum that houses historical documents like maps, paintings, and furniture that traces the history of Morocco and the US.


Moroccan and continental cuisines with a selection of seafood and wine are available in luxury hotels like Hotel El Minzah, beachfront or port restaurants like Marhaba and Restaurant Populaire, and cafes. The prices and services vary though from one place to another because of the competition, but more or less the quality of the dishes are the same. Their street food, like yogurt mixtures and chickpea cakes with salt and paprika, are also very tasty.

Local products and souvenirs

You can find many brasswork, leather goods, carpets, textiles, shoes, perfumes and vegetables in their medina or market like Casa Barata or Ben Mekada. You can also take home colorful pointed-toed leather slippers as souvenirs for about 600 Moroccan Dirham.


If you are lucky to be in Tangier in times of their festivals, like the Tanjazz or Amazigh Festival and the Nights of the Mediterranean, you will be able to witness street dancing or performances; hear live streams of Latin, local, and international music; watch indoor concerts; and participate in workshops.

Sailing cruise ships and ferries

Tangier is a common spot where ferries cross to and from Europe. It is also a port of call for many Mediterranean and Atlantic sailing cruise ships. Its port is located near the Medina and Ville Nouvelle.

The best time to visit Tangier is from September to November or from March to May because the weather is just right and the place is not also too crowded with tourists. A trip around this magnificent city can be done in one day, but you will never get enough of the beautiful scenery.

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