02 March 2008

6 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Camping Grill to Make It Last Longer

Taking care of your camping grill is easy. You just have to pre-heat it before cooking, use aluminum liners when cooking, insert a dripping pan, clean it after using, brush and scrape off hard carbon formations, and use appropriate cleaners.

A camping grill is a very important tool in any camping trip. It serves hot and smoky-flavored foods - favorite for most campers because they are easy to prepare yet very satisfying. High quality, durable, efficient and reliable camping grills are a bit costly. Though some products do promise to last for years but it is still up to how the owners take care of it to really see how long it will stand. Below are ways on how to maintain your camping grill:

Pre-heat grill before cooking

A pre-heated grill prevents sticking of meat or any other food. Stuck meat or food forms deposits that are hard to remove. Always remember to put your food when the grill is hot.

Use aluminum liners when cooking

Meat sticking on your grill and sauce or oil drippings are elements that can lessen the life of your camping grill which we often ignore. They are major causes of grill deterioration. One of the best ways to prevent them from occurring is using aluminum liners over your grill when cooking. You can easily find them in the market and are very affordable.

Insert a dripping pan

You may have noticed that there are small amounts of oil or sauce coming from your food that drips on your grill. These sometimes cause flame outburst. It may be normal for you but it is not good for your camping grill simply because it can add damage to it. That is why a dripping pan is recommended to prevent outbursts and to always keep the grill in top shape.

Clean grill after using

Cleaning camping grills is best done when it is still hot or after cooking. It is because sticky materials are easier to remove at this time. When your grill uses charcoals, it is also advisable to throw them away immediately when it is already cool.

Brush and scrape off hard carbon formations on your grill

Carbon is a product of organic matters like meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables when they are exposed to heat or burnt. It usually sticks on your grill after every grilling session. Make sure that you remove them thoroughly to keep your grill clean, always looking new and to keep it from rusting.

Use appropriate cleaners

Cleaners come in handy in removing hard stains or jobs. It is usually accompanied with the brushing. But always be mindful that there are cleaners that are too tough for your camping grill. They may be causes to your grill’s rust formations and sooner or later your grill will become vulnerable to the different elements. That is why it is best to choose the right cleaner. Choose ones that are suitable for the kind of material your grill is made of or choose ones that are mild yet very effective against stain removal.

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