04 March 2008

3 Recommended Sporting Goods Stores Selling Camping Grills with Foldaway Legs for Wood-Fueled Fire pits and Campfires

You can find camping grills with foldaway legs for wood camp fire use at the following stores: Safety Central, Sports Authority, and Hillbilly Camping Gear.

Using wood as the source of fuel in an open fire is the traditional way of cooking outdoors. While camping, wood campfire is also the most available fuel resource. Having an outdoor grill is also an efficient tool in cooking on camp. Using wood for fire and an appropriate grill would mean easy availability and cooking efficiency. Grills with foldaway legs are the appropriate grill for cooking on a wood campfire. These foldaway camping grills can be found on the following sporting goods store:

Safety central

It is America's safety store. Safety Central offers all the different safety preparedness products and services for any emergency related situations. They also provide a variety of outdoor equipments and tools for your outdoor adventures such as camping. One of their outdoor products are the campfire and portable camping grill. They also have a wide variety of brands such as Stansport and Texsport grills with prices that range from 9$ to 56$. The foldaway legs are heavy-duty grills that gives enough space for wood-fueled fire pits.

Sports authority

One of the largest sport center retailer in the United States. Sport Authority is also endorsing branded outdoor products such as Stansport and Texsport Deluxe.  These are camping grill products that are ideal for wood campfire. Texsport Deluxe camp grills is made of nickel-plated steel. It is constructed with a foldaway legs designed for campfire cooking. The 24" x 12" surface diameter makes cooking on camp easy. Another foldaway cooking grill is the Stansport Heavy Duty  camp grill. Its steel designed legs can be locked into place to provide a stable platform. The 24" x 16" steel mesh surface diameter  provides equal heating conduction. It also comes in different diameter and sizes fit for your camping capacity.

Hillbilly camping gear

Special designed foldaway grills are made at Hillbilly camping gear since 1987. Their products are made from Australian steel construction. A variety of grill and hotplate diameter is also featured which is best for barbecues. This family-owned outdoor shop makes the perfect and durable camping grill designs for any grilling situation.

Grills with foldaway legs are also very convenient to store away after using. The recommended sporting goods stores provide and guarantee the best brands and insured grill items for your outdoor and camping ventures.

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