08 February 2008

Tips on Buying a Good Camping Stove

In order to choose the best camping stove, it is advisable to take into consideration several important factors such as the size and weight of camping stove, the type of camping activity, the type of fuel, and the brand of the camping stove.

Camping stoves are essential during a camping trip. Therefore, it is helpful that you choose for the one that suits you best.

Size and weight

The size and weight of a camping stove can make or break a camping experience. If you're camping by yourself, or there's only two or three of you, then a huge camping stove is not a good idea. For a camping party of less than three people, choose one that's compact and lightweight. This would mean that you would not be burdened with your camping stove whether you're traveling to or from your campsite or having to deal with worrying about leaving some items behind because there's no more room since you've got a huge camping stove with you.

Type of camping activity

If you're camping with your friends, and if you are a rather large group, then it's best to invest in a two-burner stove. These types of stoves allow you to cook two types of food at the same time, cutting the time needed to cook enough food for a large group. If you are on your way to a beach camping trip, then a combination of a stove and grill is your best option, especially if you're planning to do some grilling.

Type of fuel

Fuel options for camping stoves are white gas, propane gas, unleaded gas, kerosene, or butane. However, most camping experts would recommend the use of either propane or white gas.

White gas (also known as Coleman fuel) produces most heat; it is also more environmentally friendly since it burns cleanly and does not have any odor nor does it affect food taste. Propane gas is more easy to use, but it can weigh heavier than white gas despite its simplicity. It is both easy to operate and to ignite. It has also proven of its good performance in warmer temperatures at lower elevations.


When searching for a camping stove, it is best to check the brands that are well-known for making quality products. This ensures good performance from your camping stove as opposed to the risk of buying lesser known and cheaper brands. Although branded camping stoves might be more expensive, some of them also give you a warranty. A camping stove is important, and choosing the wrong one could lead to disastrous events; a proven track record in quality and performance is important, so it's best to do your research once you've narrowed down your choices based on the criteria given above.

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