20 February 2008

Biggest Camping Tent

Several companies specializing on tents are customizing their products according to capacity. The biggest tent ever made available is the Pine crest turbo tent from www.familytentcamping.com based on the following online stores: www.familytentcamping.com, www.texsport.net, www.campmor.com, www.summitcampinggear.com, www.familytentdeals.com, www.rei.com, www.wenzelstore.com, and www.cascadedesigns.com.

Tents are camping equipment used to provide shelter at the camp site. They must be durable and safe enough to house the campers whatever the weather condition may be. Here are some of the companies selling large tents.


So far, Pine crest turbo tent is the biggest multi-function camping tent in the market. It has 3 separate rooms good for 10 plus persons. It is well ventilated and very spacious with a height of 89 inches and an area of 22 x 10 sq ft.


Sleeps up to 9 persons, Textsport Big Sky 3-room cabin tent has an area of 200 sq. ft. and 86 inches height.


Eureka Copper Canyon 1512, is a 12 person cabin style tent with 2 separate rooms. The area is 180 sq.ft. while, its height is 88 inches.


Coleman Weathermaster screened tent is a jumbo size tent with 9+ person capacity, which have divisions to provide privacy. It has 3 rooms with 17'x 9' dimensions and 76 inches height.


Eureka N'ergy 1310 is a spacious tent that has a removable division that can be converted into one whole space. It is made of durable fiberglass frame that is fast and easy to set up. The tent has a 10 sleeping capacity whose area is 130 sq. ft. and a height of 84 inches.


The North Face Trailhead 8, also known as the "camp side palace for 8" has roll-down dividers to separate the sleeping areas. This is a free-standing tent with a sleeping capacity of 8 persons. The floor area is 122.6 sq. ft and its height is 78 inches.


Sycamore three-room family dome tent has an area of 116 sq.ft. and a center height of 74 inches good for 6 - 7 persons.


Board room tent is a versatile tent made to provide family shelter during multi-activity camping. The capacity is between 4 - 8 persons with a floor area of 96 sq. ft. and a height of 82 inches.

However, if you want to have made-to-order tents that are large enough to accommodate several people, visit www.r-zs.de and check out their customized designs. The most important characteristic to look when buying a tent is durability not the brand. Since its purpose is to provide shelter and protection, the materials used in fabricating the tent should be dependable enough to withstand harsh elements of nature.

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