09 January 2008

7 Attractions in Tangier that Will Make Your Stay Remarkable

The famous attractions that are worth visiting in Tangier include: Grand and Petit Soccos, Kasbah, Musee de la Fondation Lorin, American Legation Museum, Dar el Makhzen, Forbes Museum, and Place el Oumame.

Tangier is a place not only attractive to investors, but also to tourists. It is not only a place with great infrastructure development and real estate opportunities, but also a place that is rich in culture and relaxing destinations. If you’re heading for a vacation in Tangier, do not forget to visit the following famous attractions:

Grand and Petit Soccos

Must-see attractions in Tangier include the Grand and Petit soccos, which used be marketplaces in Tangier. The word socco is derived from the Spanish term “souk” and means market. The Grand Socco (Big Square) can be found outside the medina. It has a large fountain in the middle with grass, palm trees, and benches surrounding it. It is great place to just sit down, relax, and watch people going by to pass the time or go around the shops and stalls with authentic Moroccan merchandise for sale.

Within the medina, you can also find the Petit socco, or the small square. During the 1930s to the 1950s, this became a popular meeting place for many creative people, such as painters and writers. You can go there and have a cup of coffee in one of the many coffee shops that surround the petit socco and do some souvenir shopping. There are also some vendors that walk around the socco for your convenience.


Kasbah is a residential area in Tangier where prominent families used to live during the 17th century. You can go around the place looking at the beautiful homes all lined up along with the hidden terraces, winding roads, and arcades. You will also find the Kasbah mosque, which is famous for its unique octagon-shaped minaret and stands in the parade ground. At the north of the parade ground, more commonly known as the mechovar, you are also free to visit the Sultan’s Gardens where you can witness local people working on their crafts. If you fall in love with this place, you can always find properties for sale in Tangier.

Musee de la Fondation Lorin

Otherwise known as Lorin Foundation, the Musee de la Fondation Lorin houses a wonderful collection of photos and memorabilia from Tangier that dates back to the middle of 1900s. It used to be a synagogue, but now you can see different pictures that depict the life and the changes in Tangier through the years. In it’s second level, you will also find an art collection with works from underprivileged children. The collection was sponsored by the foundation.

American Legation Museum

The Tangier American Legation Museum is found at the American Embassy. It was established in 1777 and was the only United States landmark that was found outside their country during those years. The Musuem was used as a museum, cultural center, library, and conference venue. Today, you can see art collections and rooms that are being restored in the Tangier American Legation Musuem. It is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm. Admission is free.

Dar el Makhzen

Also known as the Royal Palace, Dar el Makhzen was said to be the former Sultan’s palace way back in the 17th century. It houses art collections from all over Morocco, including antiquities from pre-historic Morocco, potteries, silks, carpets, decorated firearms, and bound manuscripts from Fez. Most of these collections are found in the Prince’s apartment, which is gloriously decorated with sculptures, fresco ceilings, and elaborate mosaics.

Forbes Museum

Another interesting Tangier attraction that is worth visiting is the Forbes museum, which features an 8,000 piece miniature soldier collection of the former famous owner Malcolm Forbes. It is located in Rue Mohammed Tazi in Tangier’s Marshan villa district. The Marshan villa district alone is a great place to walk along to see the beautiful grand houses with their different styles.

Place el Oumame

Finally, you need to visit Place el Oumame in Tangier. It is commonly known as “place des Nations,” where royal parades and other celebrations are commonly held during the summer. It is a great place to relax and watch families enjoy the landscaped area of the square. Kids love to run about the place and boys play football in the field.

Aside from the attractions mentioned above and the beaches in Tangier, there are also other excursion spots where you will surely enjoy during your stay in Tangier. There are fishing villages and small towns that are worth your time and stay. Tangier will never run out of a place just for you. Tangier will always be a place where you can truly relax, unwind, and witness a rich culture like you have never seen before.

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