07 January 2008

10 Cost Saving Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

You can save on moving costs even when you hire the services of a moving company to assist you. Simply follow these tips: lessen your cargo, transfer during non-peak seasons, request a discount, adapt to the agency’s schedule, be aware of the potential costs to be charged for various services, make sure your property is ready, move specialty stuff and bigger belongings by yourself, consider the services of a specialty mover, inquire first about appliances that need special packaging, and pack everything ahead.

Initially, when you plan to move, make sure to weigh down two possible options for you. You can either move on your own or you can hire a moving company instead. Acquiring the services of a mover may sound expensive. However, it will still come out less expensive if you are moving across the country. Whether you rent a moving truck or hare an agency, be sure to do what makes sense for your wallet. Here are some tips:

Lessen your cargo

Reduce your load to save money. The lighter the weight of your stuff, the less money is involved. Sort your things and sell or give away what you no longer need. You can have a garage sale to get rid of unimportant items. Books can be donated to charity centers.

Transfer during non-peak season

If you want to save money, schedule your transfer for a date that isn’t in the peak season. You can ask your moving company to provide you with information sbout their peak and off peak seasons. A mover will charge higher rates during their peak period.

Request a discount

When asking for a quote, ask if about discounts. Most companies offer discounts to stay competitive in the moving industry. Get at least three quotes so you can make comparisons and have full control over your choice. The majority of moving companies, such as the Sacramento moving company, will offer free estimates. Search the net to find a huge list of moving companies willing to provide price quotations without charging you a fee.

Adapt to the agency’s schedule

If you agree to coordinate your time with the company’s moving schedule, then ask if they will consider granting you a pricing discount.

Be aware of the potential costs charged for various services

Ask for the fees that will be charged for various services such as:

* Accessorial charge – packing, unpacking, and additional charges for longer hauls.
* Expedited service charge – a fee applied to the transfer of your possessions at your designated time.
* Flight charge – fee for transporting your things by going up and down the stairs whether at the point of origin or at your new home. Availability of elevators for carrying your things would not imply additional costs.
* Linehaul charge – this is a fee for long distance trips obtained during a move.
* Long carry – another fee charged when you go beyond the distance limit, which is a specified gap from the back of the truck to your dwelling. Any more than that, an extra cost will be added on the moving rate.
* Shuttle service charge – is applied to the use of smaller vehicles transporting things to areas that are not accessible by large trailers.

Plan ahead for possible services you will need during your move to prevent any unexpected fees and charges.

Make sure your property is ready

Make sure that your new home is ready for you to move into. Otherwise, you will incur an additional charge called storage in transit fee. This fee is charged for the temporary storage of your goods waiting to be unloaded.

Move specialty stuff and bigger belongings by yourself

Specialty stuff and bigger belongings would entail extra costs to move. If you plan to drive to your destination, rent a trailer and move these things by yourself.

Consider the services of a specialty mover

Another option of moving specialty items is to hire a specialty mover. It may cost you less than paying additional fees for the added staff from your moving company.

Inquire first about appliances that need special packaging

Appliances and other valuable items may require some special form of packaging. Inquire from moving companies for the possible extra rates on the moving cost. Should they charge, you might as well as get help from relatives, friends or neighbors to help you out in packing.

Pack everything ahead

Be sure to pack your things before the moving truck arrives. Help from the mover’s staff for last minute packing involves additional costs.

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