03 December 2007

Three Simple Tips on How You Can Develop a Science Project Related to Electricity

Incase you prefer to design a science project that is related to electrical power, you can illustrate how lightning functions, demonstrate the the influence of static electricity, or produce a battery out of fruits.

The great and interesting nature of electricity makes it an interesting subject matter to some people. There are many science fair projects that you might make which deal with the principle of electricity. Here are a few of science project ideas you might like to utilize.

Make an illustration on how lightning functions

Lightning refers to an exciting phenomenon and you could illustrate how it works with a research which requires just a few simple items. You would need a steel or iron pot with an insulated handle, a steel or iron fork, a pair of rubber gloves, and a plastic dry-cleaner bag. Attach the plastic bag to a flat surface and wear the gloves. This particular investigation works only in the dark so make sure you to turn off the lights. Rub the pot across the plastic bag vigorously and ensure to hold it by the insulated handle. Move the fork’s prongs slowly in the direction of the pot using your other hand. As the fork approaches you may see a spark in between the fork and pot. Lightning happens since clouds have positive electrical charges which break up and become unstable. In the study you represent the ground, the fork becomes a lightning rod, and the pan acts as the cloud.

Illustrate the influence of static electricity

For this research, you will need a piece of plastic comb, a 12-inch-long thread, and cereal which has an O shape. Attach the cereal to the thread by tying one side of the thread to it. And then tape the other end of the thread to a table’s side so that the cereal now dangles. Run the comb through long dry hair a number of instances. Immediately after combing, shift the brush gradually in the direction of the cereal and you will then see that it will swing in the direction of the comb and touch it. Whenever you hold still, the cereal is going to get back to its main placing. When you move the hair comb in the direction of the cereal once again, the cereal is going to move away. This is quite possible since hair transfered electrons to the brush, passing on a negative charge. The cereal is neutral so it became attracted to the negative charge. Whenever the hair comb and cereal reached the ground, electrons happened to be transferred and they repelled each other.

Design a battery made of fresh fruits

This type of test is a very typical science fair project. The items you'll need are a citrus fruit just like lemons, a copper nail, a zinc nail, and insulated wire. Break down the string into two six- inch long pieces by just chopping it. Remove approximately one inch of the plastic-type covering at the tip of each and every wire. Wind the wires surrounding the tips of the nails and then put both of them into the fruit, making sure that there are a few inches anywhere between the nails. As soon as your tongue is wet, touch it to the other cable tips and you will probably sense a slight tingle which the battery pack delivers.

Make sure to thoroughly research the principles of electricity behind your experiment so you’ll be able to properly explain how your science project works.

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