06 December 2007

4 Special Skills of a Fine Dining Caterer

A fine dining caterer specializes on these four special skills:  ability to prepare a huge selection of good quality menus, creativity in setting up a classy ambiance, capacity to provide high standard service,  and capability of planning an event.

A food catering company that aims to provide a fine dining service would always strive to offer the finest food coupled with a highly competitive line up of staff. Fine dining is not only limited to on-premise or on site catering, which is usually in restaurants or in function halls owned and managed by catering companies. Fine dining service can also be made available for off-premise customers. Off-premise catering, on the other hand,  is done in venues chosen by the clients. The venue can be at the very own residence of the client, or in a large but exclusive space for bigger functions. Whether it's an on-premise or off-premise catering, fine dining service is possible. So as long as the caterer is a very competitive and a highly skillful individual capable of doing the following things:

Ability to prepare a huge selection of good quality menus

A caterer should be able to prepare a large array of menus to provide clients with various choices. Offering different types of cuisine is an advantage too. In order for a catering service to have the finest choice of dishes, it should hire a chef that has a professional ability to plan, prepare, and cook extraordinarily. Uniqueness of the menu is something to consider too in order to give the most sumptuous dining experience.

Creativity in setting up a classy ambiance

A venue that is cozy and elegant exudes an inviting atmosphere. During a banquet or even a dinner for an exclusive small gathering, the ambiance could very well affect the guests' appetite. A dining place that has been properly set up can create a positive interest on the whole event. The  set up of  the banquet table, if it's a buffet self-service, should be able to accommodate guests in an orderly manner. The table skirting on the table must have an attractive and neat look. This goes the same too with the guests' tables, which should have well-pressed  linens on them. Place cards, table napkins, utensils and centerpieces are equally of great importance in the set up.

Capacity to provide high standard service

Having trained staff specifically food servers or waiters is a very significant aspect of fine dining service. They are expected to not only be knowledgeable and skillful in the fundamental issues of  food catering, but, they are also trained to develop in them the ability to give customer satisfaction. Expertise and customer service go hand and hand.

Capability of planning an event

A fine dining caterer needs to earn for himself a name that sets him above par when compared to his competitors. He must be able to offer something that not all caterers do. And, that is rendering the service of an events planner or organizer. The good thing about caterers being able to perform such function is that everything you need for your party is all under in one roof. Your caterer can actually contact other contractors for your event. He can coordinate with a florist, an entertainment band, and even look for a venue suitable for the type of function you are going to have. This would absolutely lessen the stress on your part.

Fine dining catering service is a skill mastered through time and  experience. It is the dexterity of the caterer to be able to deliver exquisite food and quality service at at all times. Fine dining is capable of rendering service from small functions to big events. Be it a corporate activity or a private occasion. Anywhere in the world, we need caterers that are exemplary in their field. Whether you are a host of a big San Francisco catering event or just a guest in a small  house party, you will always appreciate a fine dining experience.

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