08 May 2007

3 Key Aspects to Help You Understand the Meaning of Trines in Your Birth Chart

When it comes to planetary locations and relationships, some birth charts form trines.  This is said to be an advantage to the individual as it brings harmony to the planets’ energies as they fall on zodiac signs that have the same element in the birth chart.  However, it is not the number of trines that dictate a better life, but rather the meaning behind these trines as affected by the planets, the elements, and the houses involved.

In a birth or natal chart, a trine is said to be formed when planets are one hundred twenty degrees apart from each other in the zodiac circle.  In this formation, the planets are also known to be located in zodiac signs that have same element, which generally suggests a harmonious and more powerful energy.  In order to learn the true meaning of the trines in your natal chart, you need to know the following:

Know what planets are involved in the trine

The planets involved play an important role in interpreting the meaning of your trine.  Different planets signify certain energies and personalities in particular situations or conditions.  Trines are said to signify harmony and ease in the expression of the planets’ energy involved, but sometimes, they can also be a little nonconstructive.  For example, if Jupiter is in trine with Mars in your birth chart, it is said that you can be physically and intellectually capable without exerting much effort; however, your approach to your goals tends to become too relaxed at times that you are not able to achieve them.

Find out what element rules the planets

There are also cases in your birth chart wherein three planets, instead of two, are located one hundred and twenty degrees apart from each other.  This is what we call a grand trine.  When this is found in your birth chart, it is important to know what zodiac signs they are in, thus the element that rules these planets.  This will help you determine what characteristic is dominant in you.  For example, if you have a grand trine in Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, which are air signs, this could signify more ease with your communication skills than a regular trine.  You will be able to resolve issues and problems easily than expected and you are able to express your thoughts easily.  This ease will be expressed more with the energies of the planets involved in the trine.

Learn about the houses where planets are in trine with each other

You need to know the houses where the planets in trine are located in order to find out what aspects in your life are affected.  For example, if you have a trine in your third and seventh houses, which are said to speak of your  close communications and partnerships, respectively, this could mean that you will tend to have smooth relations with your partner and other people since you are easily able to understand others as you understand yourself and the situation you are in.  If you have a grand trine in your second, sixth, and tenth houses, which speak of your resources, work, and career, respectively, this could signify the ease of increasing your resources and gaining popularity and recognition through your work and the things you do.

Trines can help you do things efficiently and effectively as you have the natural ability to do things with ease, depending on the planets, the elements, and the houses involved; however, if you do not utilize this capability, it can still lead to unproductive and less meaningful life.  The important thing is to recognize these opportunities and employ it in the best possible way you can to be more fulfilled.

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