10 May 2007

3 Best Planetary House Placements in Your Birth Chart

The planets are in the best house placements in your birth chart when they are located in the house they govern, when they are near the house cusp, and when they are situated in the angles of your birth chart.

The houses in your birth or natal chart are the areas or components in your life, including the people around you, where the energies of the planets are expressed.  The best house placement of the planets would be where their energies are evident and where they can strongly influence your life.  Here are ways by which you will determine the best planetary house placements in your birth chart:

When planets are located in the house they govern

The best planetary house placement would be in the house it governs.  This is derived by knowing what sign rules a particular house and what planet rules this particular sign.  For example, the ruler of the seventh house is Libra and the planet that governs Libra is Venus; therefore, Venus is the ruler of the seventh house in your birth chart.

Some sources also say that there is no such thing as a house ruler, unlike the signs of the Zodiac, wherein a certain sign is ruled by a specific planet.  It is determined that any planet located in a particular house is the ruler of that house.  When no planet is located in a particular house, this house is said to be ruled by the planet governing the sign where the cusp or the beginning of the house is situated.  For example, if there is no planet found on your seventh house and the cusp or the beginning of your seventh house is in Gemini, the house’s ruling planet would then be Mercury.

When planets are located near a house cusp

It has also been said that a good house placement of any planet would be near any house cusp.  It has been determined that this planet will have great influence in that particular house or aspect of your life.  For example, if Venus is situated three degrees in the sign of Aries and the third house cusp is in five degrees Aries, the energy of the planet Venus will be evident in your life.  You will most likely be able to very well express your romantic feelings orally or through writing, such as poems and love letters.  You can also be very creative and artistic in all sorts of communication.

When planets are situated in the angles of your birth chart

The angles are the cusps of the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses, forming a cross in your birth chart.  Experts agree that when any planet is found near one of these angles, it is said to have good outcome in your life as it greatly influences that particular house or aspect of your being.  If Jupiter is found on the fourth house of your birth chart, for example, you will be experiencing good fortune in home and family affairs.

No matter how well a planet influences your life through the houses in your birth chart, the outcome will always depend on how you decide to do things.  Opportunities are presented to you by the planets and all the aspects in your birth chart, but it is still you who controls your life.  If you choose to ignore or abuse these opportunities, the result will always be unpleasant.  On the other hand, if you know how to utilize these opportunities, your will surely have a more meaningful life.

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