26 May 2007

12 Astrology Rising Signs that Define Outer Self

The astrology rising signs are Aries Rising, Taurus Rising, Gemini Rising, Cancer Rising, Leo Rising, Virgo Rising, Libra Rising, scorpio rising, Sagittarius Rising, Capricorn Rising, Aquarius Rising, and Pisces Rising.

The Rising Sign is also referred to as Ascendant. It is your zodiac ascending in the Eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth. The rising sign is the exact degree and sign that divides the birth chart from the rest. It is always situated in the first house of your birth chart. This part of astrology defines who you are to people during the first encounter with them. This tackles how the world sees you and vice versa.

Aries Rising

The common strengths of the Astrology Rising Aries Sign are being a spur of change, an extraordinaire, an inspiration, action-oriented, brave, a great leader, keen, direct and honest, and has self-confidence. On the other hand, an Aries Rising’s weaknesses are overly active, aggressive, hasty, deeply frustrated when lack of progress and temper can be hurtful.

Taurus Rising

A Taurus Rising’s down sides are lazy, hard-headed, greedy, withdrawn, and he often makes decisions without thinking it thoroughly. But the up sides are being composed, fixed on a decision, determined, precautious, uncomplaining, not angered quickly, practical, loving and sensual to the sense that he is fond of physical enjoyment and saying no to being hurried.

Gemini Rising

His strong points are being wise, adaptable, into new styles, friendly, funny, always the source of entertainment, interested in learning new things, and he is a quick-learner. His weaknesses, on the other hand, are chatting too much, easily influenced, absent-minded and spreading energies too sparsely.

Cancer Rising

The drawbacks of being a Cancer Rising are being moody, one-sided, vulnerable, emotionally-dependent and easily ignored. Nevertheless, Cancer Rising people are kindhearted, romantic, affectionate, imaginative, protective, instinctive, persistent, sharp-witted and supportive to loved ones.

Leo Rising

His assets include being full of character, extravagant, fine gestures, charitable, charming, theatrical, spirited and fun, honorable, dependable, and has great leadership skills. His weaknesses are being arrogant, image-conscious, dictatorial, showy, and expects too much respect.

Virgo Rising

If Virgo was rising at birth, your typical strengths are considerate, eager to please, humble, health-conscious, truthful, analyzes situations, meticulous, alert, and has high logic. His common flaws are being finicky, judicious, and sometimes a perfectionist.

Libra Rising

The positive features of a Libra Rising are carefree, lighthearted, aware, talker, always neat, sophisticated, studious, alluring, political, passionate, and quick-thinking. His negative features are self-absorbed, idle, indeterminate and often requests for admiration.

Scorpio Rising

The Scorpion’s characteristics on the brighter side are deep, sensual, irresistible, influential, ambitious, focused, creative, instinctive, and firm will power. Then again, his weaknesses are being scheming, secretive, emotional, stubborn, cruel, envious, obsessive and afraid of being controlled by others.

Sagittarius Rising

The common strengths of this Astrology Rising Sign are being immediate, exciting to be with, positive, fortunate, healthy, a laugher, broad-minded, a humanitarian, sporty, interested in philosophy, religion or spirituality. His weaknesses are being negligent, insincere, he reprimands others, he has self-pity and can take others people for granted.

Capricorn Rising

The good qualities of a Capricorn Rising are being serious, motivated, cooperative, self-controlled, humble, he plans his future, dependable, and often ends up successful after long years of hard work. His typical weaknesses are being negative, boring, and a cool exterior often masks extensive self-doubt.

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising’s strengths are being unique and distinctive, has colorful friends, inquisitive, sociable, a trend-setter, open-minded, keen, inventive, bright, seeks freedom of action and appearance, and has interest in technology. His weaknesses are being private, wild, disobedient, intolerant, impractical, and desires to dictate a group.

Pisces Rising

His pleasant characteristics are being sympathetic, gifted, spontaneous, self-sacrificing, giving, carefree, concerned, sensitive, tolerant, romantic, and often relies on lucky breaks in his career. The weaknesses of a Pisces Rising are being panicky, indecisive, controlling, chaotic, overly dependent, and tries to please all people by being not himself.

To calculate your astrology rising sign, you may refer to a few domains in the Internet that provides charts to help you discover what you’re seeking for. But this usually gives inaccurate results. You need an Astrologer to work this out for you. But it’s never a harm to try.

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