19 April 2007

Reasons for Believing in Zodiac Signs

Many skeptics out there wonder why a lot of people still believe in zodiac signs. A number of people will tell them the many reasons why. The most common reasons for this belief are the following: it gives them a heads up on what's going to happen in their lives, they believe it explains who they are, or it will help them find what they are looking for, whether it's the life their destined to live or the person they were meant to be with.

People have different opinions about zodiac signs. For some, it's not something to be taken seriously. Others see it as something fun to dabble with occasionally. And there are those who really think and believe on what their zodiac signs say about them and about their lives. They also make their decisions based on what is said to be good for their respective signs. But why do they really believe in these?

A heads up

So many people would do just about anything to have an idea on what would happen to them. They don't want the uncertainty of the future and would want to have a heads up on what could possibly happen.

It is one of the traditional uses of the zodiac signs, or even astrology in particular, to predict the future. It shows that the placement of the planets can be used as a guide to what our place in the world is. It is their belief that the stars incline us to a particular direction. It can show if we will have a good or bad time several years in the future.

An explanation of who they are

They say that a person's horoscope is a map of the person's personality. It can give a list of personality traits of a person based on the time and place of a person's birth and their corresponding zodiac signs. Sometimes, there are parts of their personality that they can't seem to fully figure out. But, looking at how these traits correspond with the personality traits, basing on the horoscope, they are enlightened.

Many believers will still acknowledge that people with the same signs will still have different personalities, but it does help them understand themselves better.

An idea on who or what they're looking for

The signs is also purported to help in determining a person's compatibility with others. The way the planets and the stars are aligned can determine if people of specific signs can be compatible with others.

This helps in dealing with the uncertainty of who a person should look for. This also means that once they've understood whether they're personalities based on their horoscopes are compatible or not, they can find ways to either make the relationship work or come to terms that it won't.

And because a person's horoscope can give insight on their future, they can deal with the uncertainty of not knowing what is in store for them and prepare accordingly. They won't have to deal with doubts about whom or what they're looking for.

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