17 April 2007

How to Check if Two People Are Compatible Using Their Birth Charts

Compatibility of two people is determined by chart comparisons using their birth charts. It is done by comparing their Sun signs, Moon signs, and Venus signs.

Birth charts don't just explain a person's personality and possible future; it can also shed light on whether two people are compatible or not. Sometimes, the basis of compatibility is not always clear right off, and so using a lot of people turn to birth charts to determine it.

Sun signs

The position of where the Sun was at the time of the person's birth is the basis for a person's Sun sign. This is also traditionally known as the star sign or the zodiac sign. This is regarded as the core of the individual, which determines the person's personalities. Knowing the Sun signs of both you and your partner through your birth charts will help in determining your compatibility.

Several sites have a detailed explanation of compatibility for each different Sun sign. You may go cafeastrology.com or alwaysastrology.com for their interpretation on how different Sun signs are compatible with the others.

Moon signs

The position of the moon at the time of a person's birth is also very important. Although there are instances that the moon might be in the same position as the sun at birth, but at times when it isn't, it leads to a different explanation of a person's personality. The Moon is a representation of our comfort levels, how we feel, and our emotional reactions.

Knowing the specific Moon sign is helpful in learning more about compatibility. Same sites offer explanation on the compatibility of different Moon signs: cafeastrology.com and alwaysastrology.com.

Venus signs

Venus, representing the goddess of love in Roman mythology, reveals a lot about the way people approach relationships, love, and romance. Although a lot has been said about the Sun and Moon signs compatibility, if the question is compatibility in a love relationship, Venus is a very important factor to consider. Although it is similar to a Sun sign, the Venus sign focuses on the love nature of an individual, therefore making a more significant analysis on two people's compatibility.

To find out whether your Venus signs are compatible, you may still check cafeastrology.com and alwaysastrology.com

For more information about natal birth chart visit Baby Birth Chart.

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