15 April 2007

Chiron Symbol in the Life and Birth Chart of a Person

Chiron represents an individual’s wounded part of life, inner healer, and meaning or quest in life.

Some people believed that astrology can tell a person’s personality, his emotions, and his way of life. Looking at a birth chart, others may find other heavenly bodies that somewhat also symbolize some certain sides of their character. There are heavenly bodies that are very expressive with certain signs. Example of which is the asteroid Chiron.

The asteroid was first discovered on November 1, 1977. It was named after a centaur, half man half horse, called Chiron from the Greek mythology. He was a healer, astrologer, musician, and an awesome teacher. In fact, he has taught his students to become the greatest warriors, healers and leaders. He was also called ‘the wounded healer’ because he had received a wound from a poison arrow. But being immortal, he had to live with all the pain.

His story and suffering became a reference for all astrologers for birth charts. These are what Chiron represents in a person’s life and birth chart:

Wounded part of life

Chiron in a birth chart represents the area of a person’s life where he feels wounded and empty. Life’s wounds and emptiness are manifested differently in every person. They come in forms of trials, mistakes, burdens, or in different bad or sad situations. Examples of which, are the feeling of not being accepted and loved by a family, or having a serious illness, or loss of a loved one.  Chiron represents a person’s suffering which, one way or the other, is normal as we go on with life.

Inner healer

Chiron also represents a person’s inner healer. From our wounds, we can extract healing. The healing will only start once we are fully aware that we are wounded. To face the reality of how badly one is wounded is a very difficult challenge for most people. But once we have learned from them, then we can start our own healing and later on may also be healing influences to other people.

Meaning or quest in life

Chiron also represents an individuals’ meaning or quest in life according to his sign and ‘house’ in the birth chart. Houses represent certain circumstances that a person will have to deal with during his lifetime. These may come in challenges so that a person will gain understanding and consciousness. In each house, a person will learn his purpose or quest.  Others become advisers or teachers, healers or rescuers, all basing from their past experiences and learning.

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