29 April 2007

3 Good Reasons Why People Believe in Astrology to Make Their Lives Better

One of the reasons why people believe in Astrology is that it allows them to understand their personality and behavior.  It also serves as a guide to relationships, as well as business matters.  Finally, it can give clues from past lives, as well as the future.

People have different insights on Astrology.  Some believe that knowing their birth chart and their zodiac sun signs can help in making their lives more meaningful and successful.  Here are some qualities of Astrology that make it a popular guide to many people:

It helps you understand your personality and behavior

The twelve signs of the zodiac signify different personalities together with the elements and the houses in the birth chart.  This allows you to understand your reactions to certain situations and behavior on certain matters.  This helps you understand, for example,why you are generally an easy-going yet a strong-willed person being a Scorpio.

As planets move towards these signs, they stimulate these characteristics.  As they retrograde or move against the particular sign, they also weaken.  This aspect of Astrology helps you decipher why you behave in a particular manner during a particular period of time.

It serves as a guide on relationships and business matters

Just as you are able to understand yourself better, Astrology helps you understand others, too.  Know their zodiac sign and you will figure out why they behave the way they do.  This can help promote wonderful family, social, romantic, and business relations, since you are able to handle other people better.  The signs of the zodiac can also reveal which relationship is compatible with whom.  Astrology can match personality traits between
signs and even helps you analyze which points in your life you might clash or harmonize with another person.  It also tells you when it is favorable to start a new relationship or business.

It can give you clues on the past and the future

Birth charts do not only speak of your current personality, but also of your past life.  It is said that when certain planets move away from the zodiac, they say something about your previous life.  This can help you better understand your behavior on certain events and situations.

Your future can also be predicted using the birth chart.  Since your characteristics are known, your future behavior will most likely be determined when certain events happen some time in your life.   Planetary motions in your zodiac also tells the significant points in your birth charts when good tidings are brought or bad luck is most likely to occur.  Astrology hopes not to threat, but rather gives you the opportunity to prepare for what might come.

In order to make your life more meaningful, it is important to know the nature of your personality, as well as those surrounding you.  If everything else gets so confusing, Astrology might just be the answer to your questions.

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